The mysteries of technology

I was none too pleased this morning when the wifi at my hotel wasn’t working and no one was able to tell me anything about when it would be back up. I knew about another wifi hotspot in the town of Tavira where I had planned to visit anyhow and decided to head over and check it out. Same problem. And then when I tried to pay at lunch with a credit card I was informed that a recent storm had pretty much taken out the network connections for everyone. Disappointing, I must say, but such is life when one travels.

A couple of hours later I was sitting in the Tavira town square sipping on a strong, hot bica when I noticed a woman across the square with a laptop out. I hadn’t even realized that this was another Algarvean town where they offer free wifi to all. So out came my trusty Mac and in a few seconds I was happily e-mailing away. Clearly not all carriers were disabled by the storm. And the good news is that I don’t have to pay a thing to stay connected.

For those traveling to the Algarve I am happy to report that Silves, Loulé and Tavira all offer free wifi in the town square. Stay posted, as I travel around I’ll be checking out other locations for you.

And now I think I hear another bica calling to me …

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