Fun on an Algarve Beach

Portugal or Sedona you might well ask

The Algarve is renowned for its great beaches. One of my favourites is Falesia Beach, near Vilamoura. It is a great swath of golden sand about 8 km long, backed for much of its length by red cliffs. I’m sure that in the summer it is filled with sun worshipers, but in the fall, winter and spring when I spend time in the region it seldom has more than a handful of people on it and most of them are being active: cycling at low tide, fishing, taking a walk or beachcombing.

Last autumn I came upon this guy whom I hope was having fun. He was sporting what I assume is a parasail but he didn’t seem to be trying to take off, even though there was a very stiff wind blowing. He kept at this for at least a half hour, so I assume that he was either getting a great upper body workout or simply having fun keeping himself grounded when mother nature was intent on having him fly!

Let me know what you think he was up to! I’m no jock so some of our more modern sports seem like giant riddles to me! Certainly the guy who surf fishing behind him was intrigued by his antics!

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