Awakening Spirit

…women rediscovering their essence

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  • Rediscover what makes you tick
  • Let go of habits that no longer serve you
  • Discover what your future can become
  • Experience the magical woman that you truly are
  • Reconnect with your essence
  • Relax and rejuvenate
  • Experience traditional Easter  celebrations

“I participated in Gwen’s ‘Awakening Spirit’ retreat.  It wasn’t that I was experiencing a crisis in my life, just a deep hunger for personal growth, for something more.  And I discovered it in working with Gwen.  At some point during the process Gwen said ‘don’t be surprised if when you get home people start making comments about how much more self confident you seem and how much stronger a ‘presence’ you bring to work, networking events, etc’.  She was absolutely right.  I notice that I am also having an easier time setting goals and boundaries in my life. And Portugal was an awesome adventure on top of the retreat experience.”
S. Gauthier, Ottawa, Sales Exec


What’s included in Awakening Spirit?

  • A modern, secular retreat for women seeking more
  • Time for body, mind & spirit to return to alignment
  • Learn ways to think differently about life
  • Discover how you can remain grounded and still live an active life
  • Spend significant time each day as you wish – and count on learning much
  • Participate in our optional daily Discovery Cafe

Week One offers the freedom and space to slow down and catch up with yourself.  Week Two involves a 5-day workshop experience where you will acquire a series of models designed to get you thinking differently about your life and the world and that includes many opportunities for growth and development as well as a deep exploration of what brings meaning and purpose to your life.  Days are structured such that you have ample time for Self reflection, journaling, and the kind of introspection critical to the spiritual process.

While the process of Awakening Spirit draws heavily on processes that traditional religious retreats know creates powerful Self discovery, Awakening Spirit is a secular spiritual process that focuses on individuality and dogma free explorations.  No religious doctrine is promoted and you are encouraged to explore whatever spiritual framework works for you.  Even atheists can expect profound discovery from the Awakening Spirit approach which is based on finding meaning and purpose in life.

What else is there to see & do while I’m in the Algarve?

HistoryPortugal not only has a deep and rich sea-faring history, but was an important passage way for the Crusaders heading to the Holy Land.  The Algarve is awash with castles, forts, churches and other historical reference points for you to visit and explore. Fans of the Knights Templar will be delighted to discover that many came to Portugal when thrown out of France and the rest of Europe.  Prehistoric ruins also mark the presence of Neolithic peoples on the landscape.  Plus the Romans have left their mark in a number of locations if your preference is for mosaics, bathhouses and spas.

BeachesThe beaches of the Algarve are world famous for their variety, cleanliness and visual beauty.  Pick from long stretches of sand and dunes in the East, arcs and crescents of sand backed by cliffs and sandstone outcroppings to the West and wild surfing beaches along the Western Atlantic Coast.  But count on beauty that will take your breath away as well as lots of space.  The only thing that is missing is hoardes of people.  You’ll have lots of space to yourself whether you choose to sunbathe or to beachcomb.

Rustic CultureThe Algarve is still largely rural so if you love countryside and the sight of olive, citrus, almond, pomegranate and other fruit groves you’ll love to drive through the hills and dales of this postcard-perfect locale.  You’ll still see horse-drawn carriages, flocks of sheep and goats being herded by gnarled old shepherds and old ladies selling seasonal produce from road-side stands.

Sophisticated Urban SceneThose who love the modern world will easily find the hustle and bustle of the many towns the coast to their taste.  Great European shopping with a focus on shoes, bags, cork products, pottery and silver & gold jewelry are everywhere.  Modern shopping centres are easily accessible and several towns have shopper friendly pedestrian streets where you can while away the day with lots of spots to stop for a coffee or a glass of vino.

How can I get more information and pricing?

Simple.  Just drop an e-mail to She’ll be happy to provide you a detailed information package and stay in conversation with you until you are certain that this is the personal or professional development experience that is right for you.