Autumn in Algarve

It’s been some time since I’ve had the pleasure of spending time in the Algarve in autumn. But as 2015 closes, I’m doing just that. It rained my first couple of days here but then the sunshine came out again and it has been almost cloudless blue skies and lovely warm temperatures ever since.


Olhao Mercado

My time has largely been spent getting my apartment organized and my temporary office set up. I’m staying in Olhao, the wonderful commercial fishing town just east of Faro. Olhao has a wonderful farmer’s market that is open daily but that comes to life on Saturday morning when the local farmers show up and add to the array of products on sale. Then there are the gypsies with all of their colourful clothing, scarves, household goods, shoes, purses and wallets galore. That this mercado is set right on the shores of the Rio Formosa adds significantly to the ambiance.

Close to the WaterI’ve been exploring the local supermarkets as I stock my kitchen. Aldi, Jumbo and Intermarche are each about a 10 minute walk from my digs. Lidl and Continente are slightly further afield and I’ll visit them the occasional time I choose to rent a car this trip. Then there’s the tiny Algarvetalhos shop that is about 50 metres from my apartment building. It has already become my ‘go to’ place for onions and carrots, an inexpensive bottle of vinho or any other quick pick up item I need. These small places are always a delight to have nearby and can truly save a girl’s bacon in a pinch!

Stay tuned as I settle in and get to know the lay of this delightful land. I hear a gypsy cart heading down the hill almost every day. It has just gone back up the hill to wherever the current encampment of gypsies is. Perhaps I’ll take a ramble one day and find where they’re hanging out.

Much, much more to follow.


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